About Us

LindaRev Linda Tomkinson is the Pioneer Minister to the Mereside Estate and Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of Freedom Church St Wilfrid's, Mereside. She is originally from Northern Ireland but definitely feels that Blackpool is now home.

As well as heading the leadership team for Freedom Church Mereside, she also runs the Blackpool Ministry Experience and is an Associate Priest at nearby St Paul's Marton. 

She has a deep passion for helping people fulfil their potential and enabling them to live a fulfilled life, promised by Jesus in the gospel of John 10 v 10.

She also loves listening to music in her craft room which she escapes to from time-to-time to work on her latest creation. 


Pete is our Community Evangelist; His role is wide and varied and he spends his time chatting to people on the estate, getting involved in community groups, running his ‘Shed Men’ project, teaching bible study and even taking part in assemblies where he is known by the children as ‘Silly Pete’! 

He has a deep love for Jesus and a powerful testimony of a life transformed. He is currently training with Church Army in their Evangelist Programme. Pete likes to try and keep fit but after a lifetime of having to keep fit with work (former soldier), admits to struggling to find his trainers most days!


Lizzie is our Youth Worker. She spent a year exploring her vocation and felt a strong call to youth ministry. She spends her time planning our Sunday school group Lighthouse as well as our youth group MYPlace. She also does a lot of work with our local schools, as part of the chaplaincy team at St George’s secondary school twice a week, as well as doing assemblies in Mereside primary! She is often found practising crafts or colouring a picture! 

Her favourite ministry has to be holiday club, where primary school aged children on the estate come together for breakfast and learn more about God’s love for them through games and crafts for the morning! However, the leaders’ challenge often fills her with dread!   

LJLJ is working with Freedom Church Mereside as part of the Blackpool Ministry Experience Scheme. She is looking to explore her sense of vocation and to stretch her gifts and skills by getting involved with all areas of church life. She came to faith at 15 and a passion for learning more led her to study for a degree in Theology. She travelled around Asia and Europe doing missions work before moving to Blackpool. In her spare time she loves baking all kinds of sweet treats, and going for long walks around the countryside.